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Hydronic Heating is the heating of a building by radiation from panels containing hot water.

• Hydronic Heating is so efficient and comfortable because it uses water to transfer heat throughout the building for one good reason....water is the ultimate transfer medium.

• A given volume of water can hold almost 3,500 times as much heat as the same volume of air, for the same temperature rise in each material.

• To equal the amount of heat that could be carried in a 1" diameter pipe (hydronic heat), you would need a 10 x 18 duct (forced hot air heat).

• Hydronic heating can be easily zoned.

• Indoor air quality has deteriorated because ducted systems repeatedly circulate dust, dirt and impurities back into the house. Hydronic heating systems have little or no air movement.

Questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page here.

• In a forced hot air type system, the heating registers should be at the floor level because hot air will rise. With an air conditioning system, the ducts should be at the ceiling because cooler air will drop. Any combination heating and cooling system using the same ductwork will be a compromise in one mode or the other.

• 7 out of 10 Americans are unhappy (dissatisfied) with their heating or cooling system.

• 90% of American homes are heated by a forced air type system.




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