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From Richard Trethewey, heating and plumbing expert on This Old House and founder of HHA

About this list
I have been on Public Television’s “This Old House” since 1979 and in that role have been an advocate for hydronic heating (radiant floorheating, radiators, baseboard, hydro-air, mini-duct heat/AC systems ) versus traditional forced hot air heating systems, particularly for homes in colder climates or where people are most concerned with comfort. Wherever I go, people want to find someone who does the type of systems we have shown on our program. I have compiled this list, based on my travels around this country as I do public appearances or training sessions. It is also based on contact with the leading manufacturers who know who the “good guys”(and gals) are.

This is not a list that contractors can pay to be on
. With that type of system, any contractor, regardless of quality or competency, can pay their way onto a referral list. This is my attempt to recognize the best companies I have found through my many years in this industry. At the same time, I cannot guarantee that by using this list, every job will go perfectly, every contractor will call you back immediately, or the price will be less than you expect. People and projects are too diverse to guarantee that. All I know is that these are established, hard working contractors giving their best effort to provide comfort to North America’s homes. It is a list that is constantly evolving and there are many good contractors who may not yet be on this list.This just happens to be the ones I have met and feel good about recommending at this time. It is a very big country.

The membership criteria used to select contractors (governing principles)
• Established in the marketplace
• Invests in regular on-going training for self and staff
• Stays current on new technology
• Uses a “systems approach” (doesn’t build one-of-a-kind systems)
• Saves fuel in all forms (gas, oil and electricity)
• Makes systems that are easily understandable and serviceable
• Follows through on projects
• Hires and retains competent employees

Quality Control – How contractors get removed from the list
• If a fixed number of consumers complain about a contractor.
• If a contractor stops meeting the membership criteria
• If a contractor does anything to detract from the reputation of group.



comfortable heat

Richard Trethewey
Radiant Revisited




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